About Us

Vetunica mine for Diatomite

Material of Vetunica, 175.000 tons diatomite on stock

Pester mine for Quartzite

Belo Brdo mine for Opalite Tuff Pharma Grade

STRMOŠ AD Mines for non-metals Probistip was established in 1984.

STRMOŠ is stock exchange registered company on the three exchange market Skopje. The main activity of the company is exploitation and processing of non-metallic mineral raw materials: diatomite, quartzite and amorphous white opalite tuff. The exploitation is performed on the basis of concession agreements and exploitation licenses.

The company has production facilities of 200,000 tons per year (in one shift), capacity utilization is 64% with a total of 36 employees.

Quartzite is used in metallurgy to make Si-containing ferro alloys. The extraordinary properties of diatomite lead to its use as a foodstuff, agricultural feed additive, water filter, natural fertilizer, water storage, insulator, or absorber of pollutants such as heavy metals. White amorphous opalite tuff has a wide range of applications such as: wastewater and drinking water filtration, refractory industry, construction for thermo-lightweight concrete and mortar, as a pesticide carrier, filler in the rubber and paper industry, paint industry, etc. .

The capital of the company is 100% private.